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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Princess bedroom redo!

When Amy first called me, she wanted to move both her oldest kids to the downstairs bedroom. Tight quarters, but doable! Then she decided the oldest should get her own room! They went shopping and bought the comforter and all the bedding that goes along with it. AND it came with a canopy!! No princess room should be without a canopy! My task was to design the room around the bedspread.... 

 This is what the room looked like before.....



And this is the room now!!

I asked "the little princess" what her favorite color was in the bedspread and she pointed at the soft berry pink stripes. It was very clear to me that the walls should be that color!

 The opposite wall to the bed has two-toned 10" horizontal stripes....

I need one more piece of art to show you the whole wall.

Meanwhile, enjoy the lamp with her initials and butterfly 
that I cut out of silver vinyl on my Cricut!
 Of course, what would a princess room be without the chandelier??!!
Two hooks on the wall for the backpack and royal cape : )

Unfortunately, little princesses grow up too fast, so we decided to get her a "grown up" bed, which she still loves, but leaves no room for a closet door! No problem. Take the door down and put a matching curtain panel to hide her royal clothing! : )

What do you think so far???


MaryAnn said...

So CUTE!!! I want a princess bedroom!!!

Darcy said...

That is very cute! I love the canopy.

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