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Friday, September 16, 2011

Reversible Blinds....

I'm currently working on a master bedroom with the possibility of placing the bed in front of the window, but I am a huge fan of natural light and this layout robs the room of this natural accessory. I was looking on line for ideas and I found this one:

A REVERSIBLE BLIND!! How ingenious is that!!
Super Chic
    Framed by two long mirrors, unique lamps and contemporary side tables, this modern bedroom gains a formal air from its disciplined symmetry.
    Why I love it: The vast window is dressed in reversible blinds that can close from the top down or the bottom up. This allows light into the room while maintaining privacy!
Genius, I tell you!

I just thought I shared this little piece of design information with you.

Happy Weekend!!!


edna said...

very nice looking bedroom. I usually don't like tis type of window, but the way the room is set, it makes it even look pretty. I still don't understand the idea of reversible blinds, let me know how it works next time we get together my dear telented sister =) !

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