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Friday, May 11, 2012

Rest of the Mapleton Re-do

 I posted the rest of the pictures of this redo on my facebook page and I have not had a minute to update my blog!!
Here it goes:

Here are some before and after pictures of the family room in the basement:

This is a very large basement that had a couple of play tables  and lots of toys. 

Lots and lots of toys... but no furniture!
 Now, it is a fun family room !
Additional pieces can be ordered and added to this Ikea sectional. Perfect for growing families!
The rectangle cushions are a fun addition to the sectional.

A fun and relaxing place to enjoy a movie or just sit and relax.

Next is the girls room.
Here are some before:

This is what the girls room looked before the redo

they used to use this room as their tv room.

Before the basement was cold and eerie for the girls. Now they don't want to leave their new room! 

The mural was painted by yours truly and the two little birds in the middle were a special request by the cute 6 year old. She said, "When I have a bad dream, I'll just open my eyes and look for my cute little birds  and they'll bring a smile on my face and I'll be able to fall right back asleep!" 

The theme for the girls room is "fun with nature" so it seem fit to just leave the bunk beds unfinished.

Now the girls can feel like they are outdoors, and they even have an "outdoor kitchen"

The Nursery is next... Stay tuned!!


MaryAnn said...

I love the murals in the girls room!! How fun!!! Way to go!

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