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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Parade of Homes update

 Here are some pictures of the basement apartment I staged for the Parade of Homes 2012. The challenge to staging this brand new apartment (which is for rent, by the way) was bringing color and character without changing the color on the walls.
Front entrance

big size room, staged for a young boy.

I love this chair, it is very comfy. A perfect chair to sit and enjoy a Paul Thurlby book .

Captain America enjoys the view from the toy trunk!

My favorite thing about this bathroom is the boy/girl restroom sign on the door! haha.

The master Buedor.

The photography is courtesy of Beyond the Dark Room photography by Christie Gibbson, and the awesome doors used as a headboard are by Above and Beyond by Cindy. This master is huge, so big bold furniture pieces are the key to make this big space look cozy and appealing!

I love, love, love these chairs, I mean night stands.... I can't wait till the Parade is done so I can bring them home where they belong : )

The "she" side of the bed, and the other half of the amazing pair.

This reading nook inside the master is the perfect getaway, without really getting away.

One of my favorite quotes by Elder Cook.
Love the mustache in this print, but would never ask my husband to grow one. 

Don't you just love the clock?

I found this sweet ginormous tag at the Quilted Bear just hours before I finished staging the place. The perfect addition to the master bedroom.

Doors as headboard, chairs as night stands... just like the pillow says, become a Posibilitarian!!!

My camera ran out of juice before taking pictures of the rest of the place.
Stay tuned for more pictures coming soon!!
or... go get tickets to the Parade and see it in person!

What is your favorite thing so far??


Darcy said...

It looks great! It doesn't even look like a basement apartment at all. I think my favorite is the cute bench in the front entrance. Way to go Karina! Your rock!

MaryAnn said...

You are amazing!!!! I want to live in this house! I love it all. I love the chairs as night stands! I love the bathroom! I love the artwork on the walls in the master bedroom! I can't wait to see this in person!

Mindy said...

Wow! You've been busy like always with your new ideas to keep things fresh! I love the colors! That's amazing how you can make it seem so warm without painting! It makes me want to go change my entire house! I would love to have a reading nook that feels that cool! It's awesome Kari! Great job! Amazing!

Sayei said...

Great Work Karina!! I Love it all, but my favorites are the entrance and the master bedroom. So creative to do all that without changing the color of the walls. :) I want my house to look like those.

Joy said...

It all looks amazing! I love the door headboards and the adorable bench by the front door. You have done a fabulous job!

Holly said...

This is beautiful! You are so talented :) I LOVE that reading nook!

Rachel said...

Wow! You have such amazing vision and talent! The master bedroom decor with the door headboards and chair nightstands are my absolute favorite. I'm excited to see where you put those chairs in your home! :-) Also looking forward to seeing the rest of your masterpiece! Well done tia!!!!

Jim and Pat said...

We loved the little apartment. It looks great. Where did you find that master bed? We have a perfect place for it in our home but don't know where to get it. Please let us know.

Karina Arshad, Kaza Design, LLC. said...

Jim and Pat, are you talking about the door headboard? Please call me at (801)830-1225.

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