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Friday, September 7, 2012

Dining room table and chairs, just like new - Well, almost!

This is what my previous dining room set that I had for 11 years looked like!! It was still in very good condition, considering it went through 2 teething toddlers, 3 moves, and many craft nights! It is now in an apartment of a newly wed couple who are thrilled to have something decent to eat on.

Remember my last post, trying to decide which fabric to use on those fabulous chairs?

Well, I got lots of fabulous feedback and I do appreciate everyone's opinion. THANK YOU! It really helped.

OK, here it is:

The fabric I chose was...
Yep. I went with the Chevron! And I'll explain why.

Even though the pattern is trendy, it is monochromatic. It goes with everything on the table! (not that I try to match my food with the furniture - haha.) One of the comments I received, suggested I go with one and do seat cushions with the other, which I thought was BRILLIANT!! So, to those of you who liked the floral pattern better, do not fret! I only covered the wooden part of the seat with the chevron (and sprayed them with 3m stain guard spray )and will be making cushions with the floral pattern and they will be my fall cushions : )

I hope you like what you see as much as I do!


DarcyThomas said...

So cute! I love the dark table with the light chairs.

Shannon said...

They look great. Good job!

Anelieze said...

suuuper cute! maybe i'll buy them from you in another 11 years when you decide to sell them again :)

Bob Con said...

Really great fashionable product thanks a lot for sharing it.

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joseph said...

This is AWESOME.The decor of your dining space is very important. But the most important aspect of your dining space is undoubtedly the dining table and chairs.Without these your dining space will be totally incomplete.

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