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Monday, March 18, 2013

Jamestown Office...Before and After

I love it when a client loves color and is not afraid to use it!Unable to do any changes to the structure (besides hanging curtains and some art) I had to get creative to update this office space, changing it from the original "blah" to "upbeat and contemporary."

Here are some before and after photos...

Why is the chair so close to the couch?
My client is a therapist and needs to have a few feet  of distance between her and her clients.
Love the colors!

Awesome throw pillows!

More fun pillows!

One of my favorite accessories in the room, the honeycomb lamps!


Julie said...

I do love those bright colors! Nice job.

MaryAnn said...

LOVE IT! Such fun colors!!!

ruediger benedikt said...

Really like your blog always a very good inspiration, hope you keep doing this for a long time to come, thank you very much. Hope you like my blog as well.

Iris said...

Hi Karina! I gotta tell you. Those honeycomb lamps are so nice and cozy I’m beginning to envy you. I’ll be checking out, my lighting supplier. See what they’ve got.

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