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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Greetings or salutations in Farsi, the language of my Father in-law Reza NejadFarajArshad. He came to America about 40+ years ago from Tehran, Iran and married my Mother in-law a few years after his arrival. They reside in Northern California and are here in Utah for a brief visit. My Father in-law's brother Ali, has come with them. He recently arrived from Iran after a period of 12 long years waiting for his visa and he has brought presents with him! I was very lucky to receive this wonderful "table runner" made by hand of fine silk. In Iran, this table runner is used in weddings to display the bride's bouquet and other personal items. It can also be used during other special occasions like the Persian New Year, which they celebrate the first of Spring.
I feel honored to have been given such an amazing gift and intend to display it in my home. I have the perfect place for it, next to my favorite red wall in my living room. It will display my Nativity during Christmas! I will post pictures of the display when I get all my Christmas decorations out, which will be the day after Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait!!


Natasha Ireland said...

Lucky Lady :) I have told James many a times that if there is a fire and we have to grab one thing (after the kids of course) he better grab my persian rug by the door that is hanging on the wall :) My TREASURE....

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