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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karen's Redo

Welcome to Karen's home! Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment!
The paint on the wall was a soft gray with a little pink hue. 

Karen's living room needed the functionality of a family room but with a bit of formality. 
Karen loved the bright colors in these plates and wanted to
have this palette liven up her living room and kitchen
(and her guest bathroom, as well).

This is what my plan was: to bring in the colors that
she loves with drapes, cushions and other
accessories. She had already picked out
the paint colors for the living room and kitchen -
a rich brown and a golden yellow. Excellent choice! 

Look how warm and inviting this room is! The brown paint, the accessories and her NEW amazing brown leather couches work together to achieve the desired purpose: Coziness with elegance! 

The bookcases that were on each side of the TV, were moved to the corner in between the couches.
(Still waiting to hang the picture.)

This is one of Karen's great finds! A beautiful
lamp that has all the colors in her palette!
These pillows soften the "seriousness" of the couches and add
character to the room.

I really love how her living room turned out. She will have an oversized
ottoman that will sit in front of both couches for added comfort!
These pictures are an update of the almost finished project... more to come soon!


Heather said...

Looks Great! Judging by the colour I think I know which Karen!

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

nicely done! can't even recognize the room before :)

and yes, if we got together and did a holiday party, it would be the rockin-est party ever!!

MaryAnn said...

Awesome!!!! I love the colors she picked!

Jennie said...


Sayei said...

It looks Great! I Love colors too, but I am so afraid of not knowing how to match them. You are so Talented Karina! Beautiful work!

Alison said...

Beautiful! I need to visit your site more often!!!

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