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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick day - project day!

My daughter stayed home from school today with a very nasty cough. I cleaned the house and worked on a home remodeling project on my computer. About an hour later, I felt it crawling on me... the craft bug!!
I went to my daughter's room to check on her as she had been reading for a while. I looked at one cute jewelry box she had in her closet and asked her why she was not using it, she said it was too pink. If you know my girl you know she is not your typical girly-girl. She loves sports and if you have a football question (anything you want to know) she can answer it! I decided the box could use some "remodeling". CRAFT TIME!!! I went downstairs to my craft room and found some cute scrapbooking paper. I gathered my supplies and, well, you be the judge. Which one do you like better (before or after)?

  Pictures of the before box and the supplies I used. (above).

 ta-da!! cute, hu?

 a close up of one of the drawers.

 top lid.

 and of course, made with love for my girl!

All I used was Mod Podge, craft paper and a couple of large buttons for the drawer knobs. Fun daisies on a red background with different color stripes (there's pink in there, but very subtle!)
I love it, She loves it!!
What do you think?


Jennie said...

I LOVE me some cute scrapbook paper. You can find me drooling on all the huge paper pads in Micheals. This paper is SUPER cute and it made the box looks so much better!

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

tres chic! it's amazing the power of paper and a little modge it.

Heather said...

Super cute!

Shireen Burns said...

I love it! You are so creative!!

Alicia said...

Love the makes me want to wander around my house and find something to recover :) You are amazing! :)

kiki comin said...

cute, cute, Karina. LOVE it!

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