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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sneak Peek.... one more to go!

For those of you that don't live in Utah, let me tell you that Mother Nature did not cooperate with me yesterday. The day started looking so beautiful but as soon as soon as I said the word PROJECT, the wind started to blow and there were tons of threatening clouds. It did not rain, but the wind was strong enough to prevent me from finishing both chairs...arrrgg. So the result of yesterday's plan was one chair.

Let's see the before again:

and now the after...

Sooo much better, isn't it??

here's another one:
wanna see how I did it?

First, I took the chair apart. Then I cleaned it really good and lightly sanded both the frame and the wooden slats. (I can't stand sanding, so I am glad the paint I used said to LIGHTLY sand : ) 
I wanted to skip that step, but my dad always said "Si quieres buenos resultados, has las cosas bien y con calma" (if you want good results, slow down and do it right)
(That's your Spanish lesson for today, haha)

ok, dad, I'll make you proud.

I don't know if Rust-oleum just came up with this, but I've got to tell you, I'm in love. It is easy to spray, it doesn't run, and it covers great!!

This is what the frame looked like after I sprayed it. (Notice the rocks holding down the black plastic bag. I am telling you, it was veryyyyy windy!!)

The wood were going to soak up a lot of spray paint so I decided to use some leftover primer I had from when I did my master bathroom so I would have enough spray paint for the other chair frame. Did I mention the spray paint is paint AND  primer??? again, I'm in love : )

Now, I wanted to do the chairs either white or yellow, but I couldn't decide, so I painted the frame white and the wooden slats yellow. The first piece of wood came out way to yellow for my taste. So I decided to tone it down with some primer:

Much better!

yep! I like it mucho mejor ( a lot better)
 here it is again:

I am happy with my chair. Now, on to the next!! 
These chairs will go on my porch. 
they will look soooo good next to my bench and some outdoor cushions I am making.
can you?? : ) 


Darcy said...

They look great. I love the color.

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