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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A month and a few days later.....

No, I was not gone this long! I came back from Cali and went to girls camp and went camping with my fam and my sister's fam and... well, the list goes on and on. I just wanted to show you the fun lanterns we made for girls camp!! Look, Look!! ( we made 175!!)

How did we make them? Have you heard of frosting in a can? Well, Valspar came up with it! Our Girls Camp theme this year is "Yes, I Can" (meaning we are capable of doing hard things - with God's help) so the girls wanted to have the word YES on their mason jars. We cut the letters out of vinyl on my Cricut, then we sprayed them with Valspar's frosting "paint", after it dried, we peeled off the letters and made a handle out of wire around the mouth of the mason jar and...done! I did not take a close enough picture of the jars so I could show the details, but trust me, they were AWESOME!! and everybody loved them!!

 I made one for my girl. So here's a little tutorial:

 Mason jar, Valspar frosting, and vinyl..... check!

Trace letter with pencil on vinyl.... check!

Cut letter and other fun shapes and adhere to jar,  check!
Spray jar with frosting....check!

Carefully remove vinyl from jar, make handle out of wire and pop in a battery operated votive

and DONE!!!

Cute,  aren't they??

Let me know what you think : )


Darcy said...

Those are super cute! Your so creative.

Jennie said...

SUUUUPER cute! What a fun idea. Welcome back. Your summer sounds like mine. We were home, but, we were never home! :) School starts back today. Darn it, time to get back to reality!

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