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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turning the big Four -Ohhhh!!!

I remember growing up thinking 20 year olds were ancient.... you can now imagine how I felt about 40 year olds!! they were DINOSAURS!! Well, back then I didn't know I would become a dinosaur and the day is very fast approaching! Although, I do not feel (and hopefully don't look) like a dinosaur. I have been blessed with good health and good genes, but also thank goodness for hair dye!
I have one amazing husband (who was born 2 years before me) who thinks turning 40 should be celebrated GRANDE!! I looooove a good party, I just feel a little selfish about throwing a party for mua. So, very graciously he has planned this whole event on his own (well, not the decorating... I asked that he could leave that for me to worry about).
I am really excited because I will be celebrating this "over the hill" fiesta with my family and dear friends who have bitten their lips and accepted the invitation to come "dance the night away".... yep, I loooove dancing, so this 40th shindig has to have a disco ball and all!! haha.

People are going to have to sign a "do- not -post- pictures- on -facebook- or- any- social- site" form for this one!

For  the decorations, I have chosen to start with all white (table cloths, paper lanterns,food, drinks) then do a splash of orange, aqua and a hint of black here and there. I wanted a retro-geometric pattern and found great ideas and supplies at different party stores.
I am working on a few things right now... I will take some pictures and show you. Some of it will not make sense to you until you see the room all done.

So just bear with me, it will be fun!!


Darcy said...

Its going to be amazing. I agree with the do not post pictures clause. Very good idea!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday to you! Love your blog, you are all kinds of awesome.

MaryAnn said...

Yea for birthday's!!!!! I'm excited to party!!!!!

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