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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party update

Just a tad late but here are some of the pictures of the decorations for my 40th bday party that took place on August 10th. Like I said before, my hubs planned the whole thing; he just needed a hand with the decorating part of it....

                                                  A candle holder turned into a straw holder!!

                                         Boxes wrapped in white paper with ribbon around them

                                This glass vase holds white painted branches from my bushes...

                                                            Apparently, a mess.

Now let's look at the finished product....

                                      This is the dessert table. The party room is on the the 8th floor
                                 of the Zion's Bank in Provo, UT so we had the MOST amazing view!

Remember those white sticks? I labeled the vase "Birthday Wishes" and people hang their bday wishes written on cut out paper squares with a string attached to them.

The white paper straws have paper flags with the words "Party" and "Celebrate" stamped on them.

 The dessert menu: Lemon bars,
dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate truffles,
Mexican wedding cookies, mango and strawberries! YUM!

Turning 40 is not that bad! Especially when you do it
in style!!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends who helped me with the decor,  food, music and
to my wonderful family for being there for me!

I am ready and excited for what the next 40 years will bring : )


Darcy said...

IT was so cute and so amazing! You are worth it!

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